Political Consulting &
Issue Advocacy:

With over 30 years of winning campaign experience from the local to statewide level, we help great candidates develop the campaigns they need to win.  For us it isn’t just about victory, it’s about helping great leaders win office to enact public policy that positively impacts their community, our state and nation.

Even if you are a great candidate, you can’t succeed without an effective message.  We understand the Michigan electorate and know how to connect with voters.  We will help you develop your message and communicate to voters.

Campaigns aren’t always about a political campaign.  They are sometimes about pushing for an issue on a state or local level.  If you need an informed community we can help you get it done from the township to statewide level.  While the target universe may be different, message development is the same.  We can help make your message connect across the spectrum.

Television and Radio:

We can cut through the clutter and connect with voters with creative and effective radio and television.  Our team will analyze the data and help you put your resources to use the most cost effective way to reach your voters.

Direct Mail:

Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with voters and sell your message.  It isn’t just about volume, it’s providing voters with a product which causes them to engage with your message.  We don’t do cookie cutter one size fits all mail, we tailor specifically to your message and target effectively.

Digital/Social Media:

More and more voters every cycle are getting their information from digital sources and we will help you engage in this space.  Search, social media ads, a great web site, video content, display ads, and much more need to be a part of an effective campaign.  We will work with you to leverage your budget to connect in the digital space.


Don’t be fooled by polling misses in the 2020 campaign by media outlets and political organizations.  Some might tell you that just make X number of calls, pay X amount and we will give you numbers you want.  That is how you waste precious dollars on junk data that won’t help you win, will embarrass your news organization by reporting numbers that don’t match up with reality, or have your company or association make bad decisions on where to focus your resources.  We know how to model the electorate and give your campaign or organization an accurate understanding of where voters actually stand, how they feel about issues, and what messages connect to in both a positive and negative way.  Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, we can provide you with the accurate truth so you can move forward effectively.

Grant writing:

Most nonprofits do not have the resources to maintain a full-time grant writing program. We work alongside nonprofit organizations to learn their mission and vision, creating grant proposals that create new revenue streams for an organization's programs and services to the community.

General development consultation
with nonprofit organizations:

Smaller organizations often want to grow, but don't know how to get there. We help these organizations craft a plan for fundraising, including writing a Case for Support, fundraising calendar, and segmenting your message to maximize donor interest.

Strategic planning:

Does your mission align with your vision? Do your staff's role and goals align with both? Team Roe can help you dust off that mission and vision statement and help to create goals that will help your staff and you work towards your purpose.

Issue Advocacy:

Your professional association or coalition's legislative or regulatory goals are nothing without a message that is both clear and is tailored to your audience. Team Roe has the experience to help you articulate your legislative goals to the people your membership, the general population, other stakeholders, and legislators. 



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