Jamie and Liz Roe Announce Full-Service Consulting Firm -- Team Roe

Also Announce Lap 99 Foundation to Serve the Community

Macomb Twp., MI – Today, Jamie and Liz Roe announced they have formed a full-service consulting firm – Team Roe. Announcing the firm, they issued the following statement:

“One thing became very clear during the pandemic when, like so many others, our office space moved to the kitchen counter: Liz and I work well together,” said Jamie Roe. “Early this year my former business partner accepted a new job as Political Director of the NRSC in Washington, DC, so it was time to start a new venture. Why not do so with my wife Liz, the person I love and respect most, and our work complements each other well? My primary focus will always be getting great people elected to office, helping advance issues we care deeply about, and assisting great Michigan companies get their message across. Liz will continue to advocate for great causes, writing grants for nonprofit organizations and helping member organizations to elevate their voice in the community. Our combined focus will be to help make Michigan a better place.”

“Like so many couples, Jamie and I have been working side by side throughout the pandemic to serve our clients,” said Liz Roe. “We respect the work the other does and look to help each other in any way if it means we help our clients achieve their goals. It simply makes sense to formally team up. I will continue to focus on helping non-profit groups develop and execute the plans that help them to achieve their goals and elevate their voices in their communities. In the end, all our work will build on the foundation of our faith, to each other, to our clients, and to our community. What could be better? We are ready to get to work!”

The Roe family is also in the process of establishing the Lap 99 Foundation, which will support nonprofit organizations that directly impact the community. A portion of Team Roe’s profits will be invested in the foundation, and the Roes hope their love of the Indy 500 and Indycar will create fundraising opportunities that encourage friends and family to get involved in their efforts to serve the community.

To find out more about the services offered by Team Roe you can visit the website at: www.Team-Roe.com

Visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/WeAreTeamRoe/

The social media footprint will expand going forward, and we encourage everyone to sign up for email updates. A Team Roe podcast is forthcoming, and will feature discussions of current events, interviews with policy makers, political and societal observers, and other interesting content.

Contact Information:

Jamie Roe

Email: Jamie@Team-Roe.com

Phone: 586-770-8007

Liz Roe

Email: Liz@Team-Roe.com

Phone: 586-884-6584

Editor’s Note:  Also check out the Lap 99 Foundation on our website. This is going to be our effort to give back to worthy causes in our community and offer some fun while doing it.  Give it a look!

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